Acupressure & Energy Practices


Jade is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She practices acupressure combined with energy work and body-mind counselling.  More info about her other bodywork training and life experience is in her “BIO” page

In my healing treatments the client lies face up on the table and keeps his/her clothing on. Sometimes a session is simply a very nice way to deeply relax. A session can also be a time to release old held emotions and core beliefs.   My treatments are intended to be rejuvenating and have the potential for deep transformation.

This acupressure can alleviate low energy, pain, headaches, tension, fatigue, colds and flues, coughs, arthritic, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, relationship stress, conditions of the heart and spirit and more.

I have training in Nutritional counseling as well as other bodywork and energy work practices.  I will incorporate these into the  acupressure treatments if there will be a benefit.

Generally it is recommended to have several sessions if we are working on longer standing issues,  if more than one issue is being addressed or simply to get the body and mind back to optimal health.2014-02-05-3-sm

A session is usually an hour long and often runs longer (up to an hour and half) if requested.

$100 / hour   Or if you would like more time then I charge $1 per minute for over the hour

Add in a personal take home energy medicine and/or movement practice specific to you – for $20 to your treatment.

Series of 6 sessions at 15% off

Everybody deserves health care. If you are low income, a senior with low income, or have a legitimate reason I can reduce my rates. Please feel welcome to contact me. I would rather see more clients who want to get well.  Thank you for telling others about this deal.