Celebrate International Women’s day March 8th

On Thursday March 8th…

Celebration of International Women’s Day 

@ The Yurt: 1957 Arden Road, Courtenay. 
 Thursday March 8th

Beautiful women!
A woman brings us on this earth,
She nurtures us day and night
She makes us what we are today,
We must together take an oath,
To help her nurture herself! ” (anon).

To honor ourselves as women a few of us have created a day of women’s workshops for all women to attend. No experience needed… come enjoy yourself!

Interested: girls, teens and babies in arms are welcome to attend if they can hold attention :0) Come to as many or as little as you wish. \
10-11 am
Energy medicine and Energy Dance with Anicca and Jade de Trey: Enjoy a morning learning some nourishing, energy-balancing techniques for yourself and then shake and shimmie your body and spirit with joyous, energy dance. Anicca and Jade are Mother and daughter who enjoy sharing together 🙂 dancewithjade.ca     aniccadetrey.com

Women’s Circle with Kendra Faye. Join us for a sharing circle where we listen and speak from our hearts / wombspace, where we honor what is moving through us at this time, and where we come together to celebrate being a woman today! With singing bowl and guided meditation. rhythmicnotions.ca

potluck lunch, or bagged lunch for yourself, simply relax in yurt or go for a walk in the woods next door

Astrology workshop with Angela Van Den Hooven. Come for an exploration of Astrology and learn how it can be used in a practical beneficial way. We will also explore the present energies as well as a forecast for the upcoming months. There will be room for questions as well as audience driven ” direction” of topic and focus.  https://www.facebook.com/SoulCompassAstrologer/

Donations graciously accepted and will go towards renting the yurt and to the Comox Valley Women’s Transition Society.

Come to one workshop or several…

“I want to sing a song today; I want to ring the bell today,
I want to dedicate it all to your today,
The entire warm light of the sun is yours today,
Happy woman’s day” (Anon)

Dance rehab for the Soul


I am starting a blog about my dance healing recovery journey. My commitment is to dance every day for 15 minutes or more. My website is dusty from me not being on it and/or teaching and performing for a couple of years. in 2015-16 I went to college at age 40 to get a certificate in Human Service Work so that I could work in the school system as an educational assistant with children who needed extra assistance. It was a challenging training as is the work. I let my dance and acupressure practice drop off while in school and it hasn’t come back yet and it’s been now a year and half after I finished school. I spiraled into a depression and anxiety this last Summer – perhaps due to burn out; perhaps due to being 42 and not fulfilling a life dream to become a Mother and Partner (create a family in the traditional sense); perhaps due to an underlying emotional habit of not listening to my heart.

So: today is day 2 of getting back on the wagon of dance for personal healing. As well as dance I have been adding art work and singing back into my days.

I shall write about the process. 🙂dance img

New Training in Body-mind Acupressure

I have recently returned from the lovely Lasqueti Island where I was studying body-mind counselling and five element counselling.  In a nutshell these are verbal counselling techniques that encourage the recipient to notice, be curious and become aware of sensations and feelings in the body.  Myself, I use acupressure (finger touch and pressure on the body) as well as the body-mind counselling when it seems appropriate.

Buddha mit Bambus, Massage Steinen und Schale mit Blüten

I have been studying acupressure for the past four years.  Each course I take seems to have a LOT of information packed into it.  For a while I became daunted by all of the different information that was taught; things such as Chinese Medicine, counselling, advanced treatment styles, and remembering where the many acupressure points are to name a few.  At this point in my practice of acupressure I am feeling less daunted and more trusting and curious.  I have a big tool kit to draw from and as I work on a client it is a pleasurable challenge to explore, experiment and then go with my intuition as to which acupressure points I will use.  I am grateful now for my practice 🙂

Jade de Trey August 21,2015.  Courtenay BC, Healing and Touch and Health and Wellness