Dance rehab for the Soul


I am starting a blog about my dance healing recovery journey. My commitment is to dance every day for 15 minutes or more. My website is dusty from me not being on it and/or teaching and performing for a couple of years. in 2015-16 I went to college at age 40 to get a certificate in Human Service Work so that I could work in the school system as an educational assistant with children who needed extra assistance. It was a challenging training as is the work. I let my dance and acupressure practice drop off while in school and it hasn’t come back yet and it’s been now a year and half after I finished school. I spiraled into a depression and anxiety this last Summer – perhaps due to burn out; perhaps due to being 42 and not fulfilling a life dream to become a Mother and Partner (create a family in the traditional sense); perhaps due to an underlying emotional habit of not listening to my heart.

So: today is day 2 of getting back on the wagon of dance for personal healing. As well as dance I have been adding art work and singing back into my days.

I shall write about the process. 🙂dance img

Winter Dance Performance (Hafla)

Here is a note from Cathy Stoyko who is a dance instructor / performer /artist in Cumberland. 

A Halfa is an Arabic word meaning party or social gathering; in the dance world it is where professionals and amateurs come together to perform informally and dance together.

The Abbey Studio Winter Hafla is set for Sat. December 16th, 2017. Plan to join us for an inspiring evening of dance.
2687 Penrith Street, Cumberland BC

Feel free to bring finger food or deserts to share and instruments for jamming after the show.
Finger food/desert potluck and costume bazaar 7PM
Dance performances 8-10PM
Dancing and jamming after the show
FYI, I am in need of a few volunteers to help at the door and with set up/clean up. Let me know if you are able to help out.
Feel free to call or message me if you have any questions.
I hope to see you there!
Cathy Stoyko

New Training in Body-mind Acupressure

I have recently returned from the lovely Lasqueti Island where I was studying body-mind counselling and five element counselling.  In a nutshell these are verbal counselling techniques that encourage the recipient to notice, be curious and become aware of sensations and feelings in the body.  Myself, I use acupressure (finger touch and pressure on the body) as well as the body-mind counselling when it seems appropriate.

Buddha mit Bambus, Massage Steinen und Schale mit BlĂĽten

I have been studying acupressure for the past four years.  Each course I take seems to have a LOT of information packed into it.  For a while I became daunted by all of the different information that was taught; things such as Chinese Medicine, counselling, advanced treatment styles, and remembering where the many acupressure points are to name a few.  At this point in my practice of acupressure I am feeling less daunted and more trusting and curious.  I have a big tool kit to draw from and as I work on a client it is a pleasurable challenge to explore, experiment and then go with my intuition as to which acupressure points I will use.  I am grateful now for my practice 🙂

Jade de Trey August 21,2015.  Courtenay BC, Healing and Touch and Health and Wellness