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Jade de Trey is a certified holistic health practitioner from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.
She has studied dance formally since she was 20 years old.  She has a two year diploma in modern dance from Main Dance Society in Vancouver.
She has studied many different body-work therapies including: Acupressure, body-mind centering, massage, reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique and energy work.
Since she was a child she has always been interested in health and creativity.  From making salads when she was 11 years old for her after school snack to being outside avidly playing basketball and bike riding when she was a teenager.  In High-school she wrote, directed and acted in theatrical productions.  When she was in her 20’s she decided to study modern dance in Vancouver.  Being a dancer every day she began to receive massage for her soar body. She learned about massage for dancers and practiced that with her fellow classmates.  Later she traveled to India and began to dabble in healing practices like reiki and zen shiatsu.  She then studied basic cranial-sacral therapy, body-mind centering practices, contact improvisation dance, Emotional Freedom Technique and eventually studied acupressure and Chinese medicine. Today she draws on all of her experiences to offer holistic Acupressure and energy work treatments.
In 2005 Jade got certified to be a teacher of Dance Kinetics which is a dance form that explores moving  from the energy centers in the body called Chakras.  In 2010 she studied Brain Compatible Dance Education which included something called “Brain Dance”.  Brain Dance is based on the developing movement patterns of a baby.  Later in life when we (children and adults) practice these patterns (which include: breathing, tactile touch, movement of the spine, expansion and contraction to and from our center; all the way up to things like crawling which we can translate into upright practices like the “cross crawl” which aids in right and left brain development) we can re-wire and fine tune our brains.  All of these Brain based exercises aid to balance and stimulate the brain to work more fully.  As well as to heal emotional or mental conditions that may be based on lack or proper early development.
All this to say: Jade loves to dance!  She also performs; she is the founder of the “Methuselah Dance Troupe”  which is a Comox Valley based dance group who irregularly performs earth based, sacred and creative dance pieces.