Everyone can dance! Regardless of size, age, or gender are welcome in my classes.

(painting by Danielle Bilodeau

In my classes I do my best to create a safe and sacred dance space where you are free to be and express yourself and most importantly to enjoy yourself. Dance is a form of healing; moving together without words, being in the moment, connecting with oneself and others is satisfying and often can bring positive transformation.

I took my first dance class when I was 21.  When I was 20 I was travelling in Central America and found myself salsa dancing and loving it. I decided to follow this passion by moving to Vancouver where I began taking beginners classes in ballet, modern dance and afro-brazillian dance.  After a year of beginners classes I went into a full time program of modern dance, ballet, physical theatre and performance. I trained and received a 2 year diploma at Main Dance Performance Society in Vancouver, B.C. in 1998. On the side I took contact improvisation dance classes because I so loved that form of interaction and physical touch.