Dancing Journey Through the Chakra’s


Dancing Journey through the Chakra’s

~ 8 week series 6:30-8:00pm @ The House of Now

Sunday’s March 18- May 6th

$105 / 8 classes.        Drop in and/or lower income rate by request.

Joyful and creative movement!  Dance and be guided on a journey through your body via your chakra’s! Chakra’s are energetic centers located throughout the body. We will dance with awareness and movement inspired by each chakra. There will be creative dance, group moving meditations, free-form dance, dancing with scarves, perhaps an exercise with a blindfold…all accompanied by varied and inspiring music.  No previous dance experience is required. Class is for everybody – no choreography- no problem J

This Sunday March 25th we dance the Sacral Chakra (second Chakra)

or Svadhishthana chakra.

This is the sensual and creative, orange colored chakra just below the belly button.



low back


flowing, round and playful are how we may move.

Come join in; where orange color!

We dance all the chakras but we play

a lot

with the sacral chakra in this class. 🙂  Bring a friend and connect in pleasure and delight…

WHAT THIS CLASS on Sunday’s is about:

Fun~ Creative~ joyful~playful~ gentle~ soft~ crooked~ rough waters~ slow-fast-slow ~dancing!

Each class we will dance journey through all the chakras; but we will focus more in depth on one chakra per class.

First class is the root chakra… and so on all the way up to the seventh chakra.

I am including the “high heart” chakra, which, to me, is a special chakra. This will be the fifth class.

If you are attending – you could choose to wear the color of the chakra (first class is red – and each class moves through the color of the rainbow – so second class is sacral chakra ( orange ), third class is solar plexus ( yellow )… etc.

It’s going to be a special class. It will be based on really simple tuning into one’s own body to explore the chakra we focus on… AND also simply moving and grooving with our selves and one another. I always add in creative partner games/explorations.

You may do drop in’s – and/but it will be EVEN better (for you and the group energy) if you attend many.

Rate is $105 for 8 classes (prefered).

$15 drop in.

**I enjoy the energy of full classes – so – if you are low income or no income but would like to attend please be in touch with me. I would rather have you attend and add your energy to the class than not due to insufficient funds. NO dance experience is required.

Creative movement is a non-linear form of exercise. We can play and explore through dance and shift our state of mind and emotion naturally, creatively. Maybe we access lighter feelings and even Joy!  Moving with others can create surprise reactions and can be a vehicle for healing, recovery and joy.  All are welcome !

Jade de Trey is a dancer, artist, Diverse-abilities support worker and bodyworker.

Her training is in modern and creative dance and contact improvisation. She has teacher certification in Dance kinetics and Brain Compatible Dance education. Info and to register go to www:dancewithjade.ca or 250-703-0842jadedetrey@gmail.com

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