Dance Class Descriptions

Note: Adult classes are described first; children’s classes are below.

Dance for Health  _ age 55+ (sometimes called “Brain Dance” or “Dance with Jade”

Movement class for balance and joy!   Chi-gong, stretching, breathing and a series of
isolated movements called the “Brain Dance” which balance the mind and spirits.  Guided creative dance with silk scarves and joyful partnered activities.  Come with an open mind; no experience needed. Can be done seated if required.  Men and women welcome.
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Dance Improv 101 ~ Dancing Our Inner landscapes.  

Solo, partner and group movement explorations to get your authentic spirit – inner child/inner guru reawakened.  Classes include: Guided creative movement, contact and improvisational dance, stretch and chi-gong, possibly theatre games.


 Beginners Contact Improvisation Dance

-Guided improvisation explorations.

-effortless alignment in lifts.

-Strong connection to the earth for alignment and support.

-Fluid expression in tumbles and leaps.

-Soul satisfying connection and healthy human touch!

Please click here Beautiful contact improv duet to watch a beautiful contact duet.

and here is a link frequently asked questions and answers about CI dance:

Chakra Dance!

A joyous and rejuvenating movement experience that uses easy to follow dance and yoga like movement. This is a great class for anyone who loves to dance but is intimidated by choreography.  Each class begins with a thorough warm up, flows and builds to higher energy movement and ends with a peaceful relaxation. The dance is done to beautiful and varied music. Expect to feel energized and up!



Sugar Blues 101

An interactive and educational discussion/class that will give you incite into why you may have cravings and issues with sugar and overeating.  Find some healthy food and non-food alternatives to your sugar habit so that yo can let go of those bad “sugary blues”.  In ‘Sugar Blues 101’ we will de-construct your cravings,  focus on your specific health goals and find real solutions to any issues you may be struggling with related to sugar consumption.  We will try out conscious eating and talk about how that feels.  We will learn from each other, laugh a little and focus on what we want, what feels good and how to make it happen.   Dessert will definitely be provided!

Children’s Classes:

Mom and Baby dance

Moving with your child to a wide variety of music you will learn how dance enhances baby’s neurological, emotional and physical development.  Classes are based on the fundamental patterns of human development. Each class explores dance elements and concepts through multi-sensory experiences, encourages tummy time and promotes physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.  Lots of fun for baby and caregiver!

Creative Dance and Drama for Caregivers and tots 2.5-3 years (40 minute duration)

Fun, expressive dance and theatre for caregivers and tots!  Move, play, learn, be graceful and be silly with your child in this friendly and dynamic dance class.  Children will explore moving from their different body parts, gain confidence and body awareness while interacting with you and the other children.  Play follow the leader, creatively express yourselves, listen to rhythms, be inspired by varied world music, and have fun together while getting some joyful exercise.

Children’s Creative Dance and Drama for (4-6 years and 7-11 years)

This class will focus on body awareness, simple stretching, creative and expressive movement, guided imagery, and lots of fun! We will use props (silk scarves, hats and instruments).  Drama will be incorporated by using the voice in exploratory ways, playing with characters and expressing dramatic states of emotions and expressions through the body.  Children will have fun, learn focus and listening skills, interact with one another creatively and non-competitively and learn basics of body awareness.  They will gain confidence and grace in thier bodies and get to share and “show off” what they are learning.  Both boys and girls will enjoy this very creative, fun and inspiring class.

Children’s Creative Dance and Drama for (7-10 years) ~ similar to above description but with more challenging movement and more focused activities and a bit of choreography.

Theatre Games!   (children ages 4-6, 7-11)
Have fun and get silly and speak in other tongues!  Dramatic games and creative movement mix-ups!  Learn about listening and collaborating to create a dramatic scene, take turns making a group machine, act out in mime, make up story’s in the moment, move without talking but just using sounds.

Theatre improvisation (Teen – Youth 11-16 years)

Have fun and express you mind and body in this highly funny, creative, on-the-spot improvisational theatre class. Body warm-ups, vocal expression, movement improvisation and plenty of creative theatre games build your confidence and self-esteem in a supportive, encouraging group environment.  We will incorporate a body based theatre style called action theatre, typical theatre improv games that you may have seen on the show “Whose line is it anyway?”  and through improvisational movement activities.  Come on out for some non-threatening, non-competitive FUN!  No experience needed, all are welcome.

Dance Arts for Teen/youth 

Fun and creative movement for solo, group and partner. No previous dance experience required.  Kind of  cross between marital arts, moving meditation, and theatre games you will have a workout for the mind as much as the body.  Fun guaranteed; come try it out!